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Macao, More than An Eye on it Read more

Macao is a place that embraces diverse cultures and has attracted lots of film producers and directors. However, as Macao is lack of shooting resources and capital, the film industry in Macao just develops gradually until recent years. A film can portrait a place, elevate the international status of a place locally and globally. Therefore, cultural mapping of a place may further enhance people’s understanding of the connection between Macao’s movie history with other intangible and tangible elements of the city and its communities. Through this way,  Macao can be promoted to play important roles in the film industry.

“ Macao, More than An Eye on it” is an event about Films in Macao, presented exhibition and by various forms of publications. The exhibition and publications compare film scenes that were made in the past with the current real places in Macao, to mark the significance of a place and place making process. The reasons for choosing Macao as filming spot will be discussed within the context of Macao’s place and movie history, using a collection of different genres of movies filmed here.

The aim of this program is to fill up the gaps in Macao’s film making and place history, to enrich the cultural resources, to identify new potentials, and to deepen the appreciation of the people towards the city. Also, it aims to build up a platform for everyone to understand Macao’s culture through movies, to show to the world Macao’s unique strengths and rich resources as a movie making place.

Macao, More than An Eye on it
Shanghai University Delegation Visits Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association Read more

Vice President Xu Xu, Liaison Office Director Xu Rui, Liaison Office Deputy Director Cao Jun, and other delegates of Shanghai University visited Macau, where they met with Alice Azedo Augusto, Council Chairlady of Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association, and Lei Sou Ian, Executive Vice Council Chairlady of the Association, exchanging views on films and television production talents and technologies in both Shanghai and Macau.

In recent years, Shanghai University has been working with an open-minded and pragmatic approach to develop collaborative relationships with Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and the rest of the world in training different kinds of talents. In terms of training films and television production talents, Shanghai Film Art Academy, with Chen Kaige as the dean, and Shanghai Vancouver Film School, with Jia Zhangke as the dean, are both training grounds of top films production talents inChina.

At the meeting, both parties consulted with each other on exchange programs of talents, technologies and others, as well as discussing how to build on their own respective strengths and collaborate with each other. The Association looked forward to introducing Mainland experts to Macau for developing professional study programs of film arts, photography and others, while hoping that Macau’s top talents have the opportunities to participate in filmmaking projects in Shanghai as a way to facilitate growth and friendly exchange of talents for various film-related trades. 

Despite its infant stage of development, Macau’s films and television industry has been able to leverage on the city’s unparallel strength to invite international crews making films here. Meanwhile, the International Film Festival & Awards Macao to be held late this year has been growing its popularity among filmmaking professionals in other regions and beyond as a platform for discussing collaborations between various films and television production units.

Both parties agreed that the exchange was significant to the development of films and television production industry in Shanghai and Macau in terms of its contribution to the understanding of how the industry has been developing in both cities. At the same time, both parties looked forward to a continued closer collaboration and joint effort to promote long-term development of the films and television industry in Shanghai and Macau.

Shanghai University Delegation Visits Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association