Macao-Torino Film Lab Training Programme

Macao-Torino Film Lab Training Programme

Macao-Torino Film Lab Training Programme held for the second year to cultivate film talents


The Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA) continuing their partnership with the world-renowned Torino Film Lab (TFL) this year with Macao-Torino Film Lab training programme. The programme is now open for applications. Local young film talents who have the potential to create outstanding film projects are invited to join the film programme, which provides opportunities for participants to exchange and interact with international film professionals.




Next in the future, Next to you! TorinoFilmLab newest TFL initiative: TFL Next. This new branch of TorinoFilmLab has an innovative learning approach that is totally lead online. TFL NEXT is a service offered to TFL partners, to assist the work being done by these institutions in supporting film projects during this global crisis. Participants will benefit from intensive coaching and training to encourage the creative development of their projects. Each project will benefit on an online intensive workshop in September 2020, including project development group discussion, one-on-one meetings with high profile tutors and new materials focus sessions. As the participants have had the chance to re-work their materials, they will receive further advice and support on the development of their project from their tutors with an additional consultancy by Skype. The workshop is now open for application with submission free and the deadline is July 8th. For those who are interested, please prepare CV, film plan details, and story outline.


Application Form: Click to Download


For more information please call 2850 9168 or email to projects@mftpa.org.