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Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA), which was established on 30 January 2015, is a non-profit association. We aim at fostering Macao’s films and television cultural industry.

Support the development of local talents

One of our missions is to support the development of local talents in the industry. Apart from helping the local productions, we have also provided support for many films that had film shooting on Macao’s location. Those film productions such as “Return of the Cuckoo” and “Guia in Love” are the typical examples among them.

Promote film appreciation culture

MFTPA has been organsing training and learning opportunities for local people on a regular basis. Through the sharing of filmmakers from all over the world, we hope to expedite the development of the local cinema and extend it to all members of society, including secondary school and university students. The objective is to inspire our future generations to enjoy and appreciate films, as well as to provoke self-reflections on life through the cinema.

Promote the development of the local film industry

Jointly organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office and MFTPA, the International Film festival & Awards Macao, which is held in December of the year, target to establish Macao as one of the major international events and marketplaces in Asia. Moreover, it aims to help Macao build an international reputation as a culturally vibrant city that offers tourists unforgettable experiences. Also, we strive to increase recognition and contribute to establishing the international reputation to Macao’s film industry.


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2020 MFTPA – TFL Training Programme Selected Participants
2020 MFTPA – TFL Training Programme Selected Participants

2020 “MFTPA-Torino Film Lab Training Programme” Selected Participants


We are glad to announce the result of the selection of participants to MFTPA – TNL Training Programme (order is listed in alphabetical order of the project titles:


Project title: 《Be Ordinary》

Director: Tracy, Choi Ian Sin

Screenwriter: Tracy, Choi Ian Sin Sebrina, Cheng Ju Chuan


Project title: 《Long Day, Long Night》

Director: Penny, Lam Kin Kuan

Screenwriter: Penny, Lam Kin Kuan

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-- Description --

This is a partnership programme between Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA) and Torino Film Lab (TFL). The programme based and focuses on script and project development. To accelerate understanding of the international film world. Max three selected teams with a feature filming project from Macao will be invited to the Torino Film Lab Extended Programme which is open to applications from around the world.

The programme includes two workshops; firstly Script Development and secondly Creative Production held in Turin, Italy. After the workshops in Turin the participants will re-work their materials and will receive further advice and support on the projects’ development from their tutors with an additional consultancy by Skype. And the project will be presented during the 4th International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao (IFFAM).

Within the programme, writers will be benefited from tutoring by experienced consultant-scriptwriters and producers will work together with production experts on the development of all the production aspects of their projects, invited to work with the writers and the advisors on the development strategy of the project. The attending producers will also benefit from one-to-one meetings with experts. Both teams will work together with audience design tutors to develop the best strategies to involve possible future audiences.

● Script Development (7th- 11thJune, 2019)

Script Development is about encouraging the creative processes necessary to achieve the best possible result from strong stories, which can meet audience and market’s requirements. The workshop offers tailor-made coaching and training, answers to the specific professionals’ needs, along a 4 days trajectory.


Aimed at teams of international professionals, with projects at an early development stage and willing to dive deep into the writing process along with an intensive development workshop. Participants have the rare opportunity to discuss their work.

in one-to-one meetings with high profile tutors and in group sessions and to develop their projects with the help of a creative team of talented writers. A number of projects will be selected to work in groups, each guided by a tutor with a wide international experience as a script consultant. Throughout the workshop, the participants will test the widest range of opportunities for the creative development of their projects by working on the treatment.


 ● Creative Production (November 18th - 23rd, 2019)

The main aspects around which the course is built are: creative development and production, pitching, audience design, sales and distribution, financing and post-production.


Addressed to teams of international professionals (writer/director + producer), with projects at an early development stage and who are willing to dive deep into the writing and productive process along with an intensive development workshop. This professional training is open to teams of writer/director & producer and it is centered on the in-depth development of their feature-length fiction film projects.


The project-based training is designed to match the needs of professionals who want to develop their skills through concrete work on their projects - under the expert guidance of international high profile tutors–and who are ready to share their ideas with colleagues and engage themselves in discussions in order to improve and increase their knowledge.


All participants will also join the TFL Meeting Event co-production forum (November 22nd and 23rd) just after the workshop, and take part to the annual showcase of projects, talents and films developed at Torino Film Lab. TFL Meeting Event is a moment to meet Decision Makers from all over the world in the fields of production, sales, distribution, public funds and festivals.


Remark: The programme will be conducted in English therefore participants will be expected to have high proficiency in speaking, comprehension and writing.

-- Programme key schedule --

3rd May

10th May

7th - 11th June

18th - 23rd November

6th - 8th December

Application close

Final confirmative of the three participety groups
Script Development training in Turin, Italy

November Creative Production training in Turin, Italy
TFL Meeting Event co-production forum

Industry Hub of the 4th International Film Festival and Awards‧Macao

REMARK: The organizers ( MFTPA & TFL ) reserves the final rights to all matters concerning this programme.


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“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”
“世界視聽遺產日慶祝活動2019 - 分享講座”


Member Obligation

Members are required to abide by the resolutions of the Board of Director and Council Board. Also, members shall actively participate, support and assist the activities organized by the Association, as well as promote the development of the Association and the mutual cooperation among members. Membership fee shall be paid on time and members shall not deliberately injure the reputation of the Association.

Comments and Advice

Members can participate all the activities and enjoy all the benefits of the Association. Members have the right to give comments and advise to the Association. Members shall cease to be a member by notice in writing to the Council Board.

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